Bi-weekly Johnny Report. 9/7/2015

It appears that there is a great many things that I need to do. That I plan on doing anyways.

In order to reach a higher stage of Productivity, I’ll have to clean, organize, etc.

In order to become more skillful and have more resources, I’ll have to decide between people and relationships and actions.

I also need to keep proper care of my body or else it’ll not be strong enough to take care of what needs to be done.  The idea behind this is to increase my options and get me a bigger safety net.

8 months till Financial independence is required.

The following to-do list will be the most important parts of this week.

  1. Most important
  • Break it to Kaseem, make sure he understands I’m firm about not being able to help him that frequently after Tuesday. Rides to work, groceries, whatever. Hand him the chik peas I promised
  • Drive to Japanese Auto Masters on Tuesday, pay for the car checkup
    Done and paid for =w*b
  • Go to interview
    Just happened, its for Chipotle. I wonder if new drafts woudl be nice or if I should just post a new thing. I gotta figure out what to wear too.
  • Organize my room, its gotta be done.
    There’s so much left to do. I’ll be sure to clean the bathroom tonight at least.
  • Finish all of my homework for this week and the next
    Update on this, almost done with this week’s homework, plenty let to do.
  • Make sure to write formal reports to email to those supporting me financially
    Well, only one thing to do right? Guess I’ll keep a journal and keep my thoughts up..
  1. Productivity
  • Finish Spreadsheet for grades
    Not too hard, I guess I’ll tackle that now.
  • Begin working on a spreadsheet for finances
  • Apply to one scholarship
  • Reserve the library study rooms every day
    Just got Friday and Saturday left
  • Apply to the on-campus jobs
  1. Social
  • Begin doing homework in the computer lab
  • Apologize to the film crew
    Guess I can start with doing things one at a time.
  • Hit the gym with someone on Friday.
  1. Training/Hobby

I need to remember what got me here in the first place was hard work and focus, and that’ll carry me farther.  I need to convince my parents, relatives, and everyone here that I’m serious about chasing after my future. That being said, everything is done one step at a time, so I can’t be too hasty.

Once I’ve gotten this going, I can start being a bit more ambitious with other things, but I need to take this one step at a time.  This has a purpose, every movement has a purpose.  My reason for throwing this up on my blog is in part to revive it, but also in part to allow me to view this any time and share it with people I can ask for advice.

This is my journey, it begins anew now.



Getting life into order


No blog post today

No blog post for a little bit, normal blogging will return in several days.



So this Sunday I heard a sermon that pretty much said “Y so serious?” Rather, it was more like, don’t be so stressed over every little thing and relax a little bit every now and then. So I think I’ll try a little bit harder to do just that instead of being super stressed over my academia.

That’s not to say that I don’t wanna focus really hard and ace everything, but seeing how I’ve been so serious about stuff and haven’t been relaxing that much but still haven’t exactly been getting the best grades lately, I think that’s what I need to do.

Take a deep breath, and reeelaaaaaxx…..

So, with that being said, I watched some anime and some movies lately to try relaxing, but I tried to enjoy them too as well. Wound up watching “The wind Rises” and the first season of the walking dead, and some other things too XD

That being said, there wasn’t any classes today, so I hopped on over to school to practice some trig identities and a security guard tried photobombing me.


Bad security guard -w-

all jokes aside, I’m happy they let me go ahead and do my thing, but for now, I’m off to see the wizard-

the wonderful wizard of chemistry homework. Le sigh. //rolls away into oblivion

Richmond Comic-Con

So I went to the Richmond Comicon today. It wasn’t all that it was hyped up to be. Sure there were several booths that had cool merch and some awesome sales on anime dvds and blu-ray, but it just didn’t feel like it had the energy that it should’ve.

I wound up putting a costume together at the last minute though, and I like how it turned out. Kinda.


Sure, it needs work to be really legit, but hey, for something put together in half an hour, I think it was good. Especially considering the fact that I couldn’t find the MgRonalds logo reproduced anywhere outside the anime and not in some cosplay, yeah, not printed out normally at all.

Also, I marathoned all the episodes of Blood Lad today with the aunts as soon as I got home. I have such awesome relatives.

Humility and Porn (A YT Comment Story)

The title should be warning enough and I barely go into any details at all but-

Warning, the following post is gonna cover some rather creepy-ish stuff not suitable for even my soul; however, those who are desensitized to reality should be fine. I’ll be sharing what happened in the YouTube comment section.

My initial understanding of reading that post was that  she was saying that ordinary porn is really super bad, and that “fictionous porn” which, since the vid was somewhat about  50 shades of grey, I assumed she was saying that normal porn = bad, written porn = good.

So, with that assumption in mind, I hastily wrote up a comment about how porn is porn no matter what, giving several examples of different types of written porn there is out there and saying that they’re all porn.

I hit send without reading the new comments.

Now, I hope everyone reading this has realized my mistake by now, I know i didn’t till much later. I usually read the whole thread to see what kind of context my comment will get and if people will know what I’m responding to. most importnantly, I read to make sure that someone hasn’t already said what I am about to say.

…turns out the girl really meant to say that the working conditions for actors in filmed pr0n is absolutely horrid.  So its alot worse than what she referred to as “fictional porn.” Nevermind the fact that its hard to not be subjective about good and bad when there isn’t a standard, I will agree that if what she says is true, the typical porn industry worker’s working conditions are very unethical and behind the times.

Before i digress further, lemme say that I’m well aware of the process of procreation as well as the various actions humans may take to pleasure themselves and each other, I just prefer not to gather many details to protect my innocent and pure self-image It’s kind of a big deal for me, so only a few close friends of mine can joke around in a pervy way.

When I came back to the thread, I explained that in my comment. Since I (and several others) were called out on not paying attention to the OP’s point, I took ten minutes to write a lengthy wall of text explaining my above choice, compared the love scene in 300: Rise of an Empire to the one in The Fault of our Stars, and give three points to my reply

1. I was sorry for assuming.

2. Seeing my choice to remain as innocent as possible, I was unsuited to continue this conversation.

3. I was done with the thread because of number 2, and wished everyone a good day and thanked everyone for being patient with each other and not using personal attacks or being mean-spirited.

…although then again I probably shouldn’t have included that last part, some people might’ve seen that as sarcastic…

Ah well, I’ve gotta have faith in humanity not to take it the wrong way. What can you do without it save for being cynical or nihilistic?

I’ll be adding “Growing humble and “Stop making unneeded assumptions” to my to-do list. In the meantime, feel free to check out the thread and the op’s link. As well as the video the comment thread was on.


Comment thread:

Original Poster’s link:

P.S. and now I just realized that said OP had links embedded at the end of her link. Well played self. I’ll still pass on it for now though.

Champions know that success is inevitable, that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback. They know that the best way to forecast the future is to create it.

Don Charisma

«Champions know that success is inevitable, that there is no such thing as failure, only feedback. They know that the best way to forecast the future is to create it.»

— Michael J. Gelb Charisma quotes are sponsored by – you dream it we built it … because – “anything is possible with Charisma”

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An Experiment

So I did an experiment just now.

I decided to close my eyes and have my fingers fly across the keyboard just to see what would happen. It was weird.


I was wrong.

I should’ve known that I couldn’t be a hero

Everything around me begins to crumble as my mind becomes frantic.

Unicorns? Demons? What the hell is going I with thi world?

Maybe I should take a moment to explain.

Nah, I won’t.

There’s just no point to it all

Not one.


…yeah. If only I could say that there was one. Dozens of bloody unicorns lie on the ground dead and dissected by myself. I killed them

I had to.

I had to protect her.

My pet rock.

She’s all I have left.

All I have left…



Woah. Wow. That wasn’t what I was expecting either. But there ya go. This is the carnage and the magic that happens when I touch my keybard without looking.

In all honesty, I kinda wanna write more of this, but I fear the ending. *shiver*